A Writer’s Doubt – Writer’s Journal

I’ve read that once in awhile a writer comes across a piece of work that is so good that it completely devalues his/her own work to the degree that that they wonder why they are even trying.

I never thought this would happen to myself, and definitely not so shortly after I commended myself for a particular passage of my story that I was proud of; but alas, it happened.

When I find myself in self doubt, or in any other problem, I turn myself to the one true therapist, google. Here is what I found.


It is an article that explains that when you find your goals to be far away, or seem unattainable, the solution is to focus on the skills that you already have, to take everything step by step. There is no point in worrying about the steps that you cannot think of, that you cannot reach right now.

Basically, “you can only act with the resources that you already have.”

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Doubt – Writer’s Journal

  1. I am reading Ashley Cardiff’s Night Terrors, and it is depressing the hell out of me because it is so good and is pretty much exactly the book I want to write only fifty times better. Whatev. Thank you for the link. xoxo

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