Foreign Love – Poem

This is a poem that I randomly wrote, the goal was to make it rhyme and I think I accomplished that. It is a bit of a personal story about a time when I lived in Cambodia and this Cambodian girl showed an interest in me but I didn’t feel the same way. I wasn’t as blunt as in the poem but I think you will get the idea.

In a different world she took me in

her home, her sanctuary she let me in

But her past loomed dark behind her smile  

In a new world she wanted to begin

She saw me as a ticket out 

Yet I was blinded to her plight

Her heart which was extended to me, I rejected with a loud plea 

Her kindness, rooted in fear 

I denied her with a heart full of cheer

Down that path I didn’t want to go

To the path of family and stuck at home 

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